Health Systems Strengthening

  • Strategic Planning for Laboratories in East, Central and Southern African Health Community States.
  • Supporting Laboratories towards accreditation

Strategic Information

  • Tools development and piloting
  • Data collection and Management
  • Data analysis and interpretation.
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Publishing scientific works

Access to medicines & supply chain management

  • Forecasting and quantification
  • Gap analysis
  • Market dynamics assessments
  • Management of medicine donation programs

Leadership and Governance

SDS Africa maintains a skills bank of consultants from Africa and elsewhere.  We can provide interim managers for your critical research, finance, procurement, and supply chain and logistics management functions.

Project Management

  • Project design
  • Proposal writing
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Grants Management


  • Human resource development
  • Education and performance
  • Leadership and governance
  • Digital Health
  • Supportive supervision

Policy analysis and development


  • Policy and advocacy


Program assessment and re-design

  • Baseline
  • Midterm review
  • End term evaluations


  • Community engagement
  • Social economic development


Humanitarian Relief

  • Disaster scoping
  • Disaster management
  • Partnerships for refugee integration